I just wanted to take a moment to thank Beverley Poole for her generosity of spirt, her insights and her desire to help me with my job search. I highly recommend her, if you're in need of coaching, help with your marketing collateral, training etc. She’ll almost certainly be able to help you or your company. She's quite literally one in a million.

Stephen CEO. Leisure
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Beverley Poole is delighted to be a part of the Change Maker Group. The mission is to make one million change makers in the world.
Anyone can be a change maker.
Anyone lucky enough to be mentored by Beverley Poole will
do incredibly well. She is dedicated, talented and deeply insightful and always knows how to get the very best out of everyone.

Jayney. CEO. Complementary Medicine

Beverley created Aspire Business Clubs to support those wanting a peer to peer and engaging business networking setting.
GOLD award winner at the Southampton Star Awards 2019 for 'Future Proofing and Innovation' in the city.

Business strategist, Mentor, Career coach and 
Trainer. Connector. Networker.

Clients in the UK, Europe and the USA.


Starting out or growing a
company, strategic ideas,  annualising your marketing and social media planning, 
outplacement for redundancies,  induction and bespoke training,
CPD courses.

All about you

Executive and Lifestyle Mentor

Change Programmes
Career Strategies
Life Evaluation
Personal Development
Support during Change


Personal statement, UCAS application, preparing a CV,
deciding on a 
a career, additonal education, interview skills,
 coaching, which way to go?
Need to make some changes?
Soft Skills training

You cLe



​Family support

​End of career - Retirement Plan in partnership with JADE Experiences.
A 6 month programme.

Heading 1In

    ...about Beverley Poole
Over 20 years experience working with companies and individuals aiming to get the best outcomes for everyone. Mentoring you through change, providing structure and motivation to your business or personally.
A successful career in the city and then in business as the Managing Director of a P&O services company age 
just 31. Beverley is also a qualified and experienced educator and trainer. Her experience includes personal development, career coaching, relocation, outplacement through redundancy, bespoke and soft skills training. Using well rounded understanding of psychological theories, the processes within human lifespan and being supportive and creative, Beverley's aim is to get good results on an individual and corporate level. She is intuitive and works smartly for you, targetting and structuring your outcomes. A true Personal and Business Mentor Beverley motivates you to change your mindset using tried and tested evaluation tools. 
Slice of Life ™ and Steps to Success ™ are both products developed by Beverley Poole to enable evaluation of life and work motivation.

In business Beverley is able to look objectively at your brand and annualised marketing planning, with some great ideas to get you moving forward.

Beverley's academic achievements include a Certificate in Education, a Diploma in Life Coaching with Newcastle College, a further Diploma in Lifelong learning studied through Plymouth University, where she also studied Early Childhood studies and Developmental Psychology. These achievements have also been used to lecture in academic and adult directed courses in social sciences, education and health professions and also Teacher Training. To this end Beverley is able to offer a range of health related training courses including Mental Health Awareness.

Helping you achieve, fill the gaps, change direction, be more content, less stressed and more productive. Career starts, advancement or job applications; right across the coaching spectrum to Executive career management and management training, team building and skills for work training. 
Previous work has included:   Motorola, BT Cellnet, Blue Circle Industries, Chrysalis Music, TV and Communication, P&O, Sutcliffe Catering, Computercentre, City College, Brockenhurst College, Somerset College of Arts and Technology, Plymouth University, Picturetel, Mars, Black Horse Relocation, Wiltshire College, Masterclass, Clifton Donkin, Mars, Leeds Building Society, British Rail, New Century, Blue Circle, Safetynet (Reuters) and so many more.

Business Academy Solent - Double Impact Workshop

The Dolphin Hotel, Southampton.

Friday 26th April
Friday 17th May
9.30am to 5.00pm

The first in a series of personal and business development workshops​.

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Early bird offers available

Mentoring through Change
CAREER CHANGES & Personal Development

Outplacement for Redundancy

As part of restructuting or insolvency, jobs may be lost. Have the reassurance that someone with experience can assist with the employees who may be affected. Beverley has spent a number of years working in careers and training with excellent results. From a CV to full outplacement support with work profiles and signposting, all programmes will be tailored to meet industry and individual needs. Changes in teams can sometimes require support to settle the team or relocation to a new local office or geographical area. At the end of careers a Retirement Plan is available in partnership with JADE Experiences. A 6 month mentoring programme and forward planning into retirement with experiences you might only have imagined.

Career Changes and Personal Development. Business Strategies.

Long gone are the days when people spent their life in one career. With the fantastic opportunities now available through educational routes, or vocational qualification, change can happen. Beverley has experience of career changes and working with people from age 16 for direction and 46 year old business people starting again. Anything is possible so stop by for a discussion. Skills gaps can be filled with training to offer individual personal development.

If you are starting from scratch with your business or job help is available for start up loans, business planning and a wide range of services to help smooth the way. Branding, marketing, social media planning, development of induction programmes, team building, management development and forward planning and mentoring.

Mentoring and Change

A key skill of Beverley Poole is her understanding of mentoring change. Testimonials below give a brief overview of some of these projects. Whether you have a personal development or business support need and confidence to move forward with a plan, to training and development of staff in a growing business, a niggling problem or how to write your induction programme. Using tried and tested tools, Beverley will guide you through the process.

Reviews and Testimonials

Dear Beverley,
May I take a few moments to thank you for your ongoing assistance with life and career evaluation.
Christmas was a time of reflection and once the New Year had taken hold, we met with a view to providing me with some direction to my working life. Our main focus was on my work thus far, CV, personality traits and what rewards were of key importance. This evaluation enabled me to prepare for change and to be more active in the jobs market, heading in a specific direction. Having then secured a role with () I embark upon the next stage of my career and look forward to the challenges it brings.
Your consultancy work has been instrumental in directing my efforts in a particular route and is the first step of an ever evolving plan. I very much look forward to the next chapter as a result. You have enabled me to “find my mojo” and for that I am very grateful.
I wish you and your blossoming business every success and hope you can use these words in some way.
Let’s keep talking and plan the next stage.   Nicholas. Director Land and Property

*  Thank you for concluding the outplacement and redeployment project. Your involvement contributed greatly to the overall success and smooth running of what was a challenging project! I am pleased to hear of employees who were able to change the situation into positive career progression and look forward to hearing about other success stories you may have at our next meeting. Graham.Head of HR Mobile phone operator

*  Beverley coached me during a difficult process of my life, my confidence was low and I had to give a really important and formal presentation for a job interview for an University, I was not on the best moment as I was doubting myself and I decided to send her a message, and to be honest, it was one of my best decisions! Beverley helped me more than she can imagine, helping me building my confidence back and giving me vital guidance throughout the process. The day came and I remembered her words whilst talking to 5 people, by the end of the day when I got a call saying I was the only candidate moving forward and the feedback was: the presentation was brilliant! I messaged Beverley and her response was even better as she truly cares about you. I wholehearted thank Beverley for giving me guidance and for being so passionate about her work! Please give yourself a new chance and allow yourself to pursue happiness whenever it is and Beverley is the best to help and guide you during this transition!  Carlos, Head of Catering and Hospitality

*  I found the consultation to be very useful for me to discuss the ideas not just my personal statement but career too. I am very grateful for how well you took these ideas on board and helped me produce a very well written and professional personal statement, one which I would not have been able to create by myself. Isabel - Mechanical Engineering 

  • *  We were delighted that you were able to accept our invitation to talk as guest speaker at our New Year dinner. You certainly had plenty of ideas to get people motivated and help them make the best of the coming year. Our guests have said it had been 'most welcome'.  Chairman London Business Women's Group.

*  Thank you for your support, advice and continued assistance Beverley.  It has been a really excellent and tremendous source of encouragement to me. Ivan

  • *  I recently met Beverley Poole on LinkedIn via an introduction. This has turned out to be one of the very best connections I have made. Beverley, is an extremely experienced Career Coach, trainer, writer and educator. Within a very short period, Beverley got to know me really well and has worked wonders with helping to completely re-write my CV, almost to the point where I don't recognize myself, but in a good way! I am using her advice to rewrite my profile and to further target my job search. Beverley shoots a straight arrow and can get to the nub of the problem very quickly; I have found her approach to be refreshing, she is fun, she listens and helps to articulate your career into a powerful selling tool. If like me, who has been job searching for a little while now, I thoroughly recommend that you make contact with her, it'll make a world of difference and boost your confidence, you needn't be alone in your job hunting endeavours."    Stephen Murtagh CEO. Leisure.


*  I have found you the most professional and helpful ‘consultant’ I have ever dealt with.  I believe your help and advice was of paramount importance in securing my present position.  Jason


  • *Thank you again for all your help and support.  I do not believe that I would be in the good position I am in today if it were not for your support, counsel, critical but kind assessment and excellent letter writing skills. Stefan
*  You have been a real inspiration to me getting going, thanks for that. Anita

  • *  Thank you for helping 'C' complete her personal statement. As parents we try to help where we can but your experience and knowledge was very necessary on this occasion! Your calm approach and positivity enabled her to complete a task that she had become overwhelmed by. She has now confidently submitted her UCAS form and can look forward to the next step in her life. KM


*  Thank you for listening and understanding, I am very grateful. Anne. Blue Circle
  • *  I have thoroughly enjoyed our discussions.  Your portfolio and professionalism is a credit to you. Geoff

*  I worked with Beverley over a number of years and saw first hand  an inspirational, confident, counsellor and adviser to lots of young people seeking advice as well as supporting staff through both professional and personal issues. I would recommend any individual or company to contact Beverley to discuss any of their needs as I am sure she will be able to help. Ivan. Educational leader

  • "Who would have known that when we met three years ago I would be in this place now. Thank you for giving me that confidence."  This wonderful comment from Megan, a young woman embarking on a career as a nurse in London.



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